3 friends left their jobs and started the company, now their company is making farmers rich!

Money in farmers account

Newz Fast, New Delhi: In today's time, farmers are getting good production by doing farming with modern technology. The youth of the country is also taking interest in agriculture. The livelihood of two-thirds of the people in the country is dependent on agriculture.

Now mechanization plays an important role in increasing agricultural productivity. Today we are going to tell you about such an all-in-one platform which has been started by 3 friends together and is helping lakhs of farmers today.

Problems in agriculture

At present, agricultural practices are not economically and environmentally sustainable, due to which the yield of crops in India is low. The reason behind this is poor maintenance, irrigation system and lack of universal services.

Farmers have to go through traditional, underdeveloped market infrastructure and excessive regulation to have direct access to markets. The farmers have to bear the brunt of which later on.

Agrix Agrotech will solve the farmers

After doing his PhD at IIT Delhi, Dr. Nilay Pandey (CEO) along with his colleagues Saurav Singh (COO) and Vivek Kumar (Co-Founder) decided to build a platform.

After which, together they founded Agrix Agrotech in 2020, where farmers can find solutions to their every problem and solve it.

Small and marginal farmers will also get services

Agrix provides bankable farm mechanization, quality agricultural inputs, digital mapping and monitoring and efficient market linkage to small and marginal farmers under its agriculture cluster. Agrix's agriculture services are cost effective, reliable, transparent and accessible.

Better employment opportunities

Along with agricultural services, Agrix is ​​creating employment opportunities in rural areas and also protecting the environment through various initiatives like stubble management. Agrix's team is now focusing on serving each and every farmer of the country.

Agrix is ​​improving the livelihood of farmers

Agrix is ​​presently serving in more than 20 villages including Keshauri, Dumram, Ballyari, Dheoda, Barisaliganj, Pakrivrama in Nawada district.

Along with Nawada, the company is also operating in Begusarai, Lakhisarai, Darbhanga, Patna and Nalanda districts and is planning to expand its various parts soon.

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