Weird tradition, the wedding begins by getting the groom's friend shaved, the bride sits on a mare...


Newz Fast, New Delhi: After this ceremony, women in traditional Macedonian costumes embellished with sequins perform a dance of the bride, while the men perform the Teshkoto dance which is extremely difficult.

People living in every corner of the world have different traditions. There are many such unique traditions that you will be surprised to know about. Today we are going to tell you about such a unique tradition.

Where the groom's friend's beard is made before marriage. In Macedonia it is known as the Petrovden wedding. Here the wedding begins with the bride peeping through the ring. Both the bride and the groom ride on a horse.

The marriage is started by bearding the groom's friend.
The ceremony is followed by the traditional Macedonian costume of the bride adorned with sequins, while the men perform the Teshkoto dance which is extremely difficult.

Oganen Karadjozowski, guest of the recently concluded wedding in Gallican, said: 'Gallicnic weddings represent a way that brings together tradition, history and art, something that should be respected, something that we must preserve. and should be kept.'

Australian woman also attended the wedding
Sonja, a visitor to Australia at the wedding, said, 'My background is from Macedonia, my parents are from Macedonia and I have wanted to come here since childhood.'

She further said, 'I used to dance Macedonian and so whatever dress she used to wear, we used to dance. That's why I want to come here because I was a little girl and finally here I am.'

Macelonian weddings resembling Turkish traditions
Some even say that Macedonian weddings are similar to Turkish traditions. One user wrote in a comment on Twitter, 'It is similar to Turkish traditions. If we were in Macedonia, we wouldn't feel like strangers and we would dance together.

They look great.' Many Greek weddings are also known for their unique traditions. A Greek Orthodox rite of marriage comes with unique rituals that include the tradition of the groom giving the bride her wedding shoes as a gift.

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