Weird News: Hasina revealed, said - the girl who made her BF actually turned out to be a girl, such an open poll

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: Every day some such cases come, about which you will be surprised to hear. A Hasina has made a shocking disclosure on social media.

The woman told that she had cheated on him. This surprising case has come to light from London, United Kingdom.

After coming into the relationship, the girl came to know that her boyfriend is not a man but a woman.

The accused woman made some minor changes in her body due to which it became difficult to identify whether she is a woman or a man. Let's know how her boyfriend's pole was exposed in front of Haseena?

This is how the two met

According to a report published in Daily Star, the girl told that she met her boyfriend Tarjit Singh through a dating website, but the truth is that she is actually a woman. He changed his name. Her real name is Hannah Walters.

Woman pretending to be man

The girl told that the woman was pretending to be a man and she could not recognize him. She used to dress like boys and she also made some changes in her body. For this reason it was difficult to identify her being a woman.

Why did the girl not recognize the boyfriend?

The girl said that the woman who pretended to be a man was caring, funny and grounded. He talked to me like a boy. I never felt like she was a woman before. However, when I came to know that she was a woman, I was very embarrassed.

Such an open boyfriend's pole

The girl told that one day she got the birth certificate of her boyfriend, which revealed her real name and identity.

It was written in it that she was born as a girl. The victim said that I am surprised that how I was in a relationship with a woman for so long and could not recognize her.

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