Viral Video: Couple has signed such a place in marriage, will get free PIZZA every month for a year


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Everyday marriage goes viral on social media. Recently, the photo of a contract is becoming quite viral on social media.

A couple from Assam who signed a strange contract on marriage a few months back after which they would get free pizza every month. Let us tell you that Shanti Prasad and Mintu Rai were married on June 21 in Assam.

After taking seven rounds of the wedding, the couple signed a piece of paper, which included a fun list of do's and don'ts. This list included going to the gym every day, shopping every 15 days and eating a pizza every month.

PIZZA HUT fulfilled the promise kept in marriage

Months after their marriage, while it is still not clear whether they are following the other terms or not, the couple has been asked by multinational restaurant chain Pizza Hut (Pizza Hut) to satisfy their desire to have pizza every month. ) is sponsored by.

On the occasion of Karva Chauth, Pizza Hut India announced on Instagram that they will be providing the couple free pizza once every month for a year.

Now both these couples have become like a brand ambassador for a year, who can go to Pizza Hut and enjoy pizza.

Free pizza will be available every month for a year

Pizza Hut wrote in the caption of the post, 'Pizza free every month for a long and happy life with my husband!' The video showed the couple walking to a nearby Pizza Hut outlet, where they enjoyed a variety of delicious pizzas.

While waiting for the food to arrive, the two were also seen taking selfies together. Pizza Hut India shared the post on Thursday and since then the video has garnered nearly 30,000 views and over 1,300 likes.

After watching the video, many users gave their feedback. One user wrote, 'Is this a ninja technique for free pizza?'

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