Viral Desk: After Jaymala, the bridegroom gets emotional, the video goes viral on Twitter

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: The happiness of marrying the one you want with all your heart is something else. Some boys hide their feelings, some are unable to hide their feelings even after wanting and become emotional.

At present, a similar video has surfaced on social media, in which a boy who married a girl of his choice could not hide his happiness even after wanting to.

In the viral clip, the groom can be seen getting emotional after garlanding the bride on the stage of Jayamala. This moment has touched the hearts of the people.

In the video going viral, you can see that the bride and groom are standing on the stage of Jayamala with garlands. After this, as soon as the bride wears a garland to the groom, he becomes emotional.

The boy's eyes fill with tears. Then he puts the garland around the bride's neck as he manages himself. But the boy can't hold back his feelings



And starts crying by hugging the bride in front of everyone. Seeing this video, it can be guessed that the groom must have liked this girl and with that he also took seven rounds.

Watch the video here, when the groom cried while hugging the bride

This video of the emotional groom has been shared on Twitter. A user named Sunil Panwar has written in the caption, 'If we get whomever we want, then it is bound to be so happy.

But I wish this dream was fulfilled by everyone.' This clip of 1 minute 10 seconds is becoming increasingly viral. So far 74 thousand views have come on the video, while more than 3 and a half thousand people have liked it.

This number is increasing rapidly. At the same time, after watching the video, people are also registering their reactions. Commenting on a user, wrote, 'Not everyone gets this happiness.'

At the same time, another user has written while commenting, where are everyone so lucky. Another user, reacting in a funny way, wrote, Brother, share the story ahead too.

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