Urfi Javed Boldness Overload: Being Braless, Urfi gave a side pose, so everything was seen...


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Urfi Javed is always in the headlines for his unusual fashion sense. Every day, Urfi creates panic on social media with her look. Recently, Urfi has shared a video on social media.

Urfi's new and bold look has come out in this video. In which Urfi is sitting braless and has tried to cover the body with a full sleeve shirt.

Being braless, Urfi kept the shirt over the body!

As we just told you, in the new video of Urfi, he is not wearing clothes. Actually, the actress is sitting on her blue sofa in only underwear. Urfi is not even wearing a bra, neither is there clothes on top nor is wearing anything below.

Urfi has taken a men's full sleeved shirt and instead of wearing it, put it over his body. The shirt is tied on top and tied with a thin thread.

When Urfi gave a side pose, it was seen...

Let us tell you that because this is a video, Urfi is posing a lot wearing such a bold outfit and her movement is also happening in the video. In between, Urfi poses with a back and flaunts her backless look.

After this, when Urfi bends towards the front while posing on the side, her breasts are visible. Urfi has tied her hair up and is also wearing blue earrings.

Urfi's caption on this video is - 'So you don't need to wear a shirt to wear shirt!' That is, to wear a shirt, you do not need to 'wear' it. This look of Urfi has stunned her followers and her mixed reactions are being seen in the comments.

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