These women gave some tips to men, said- wife will be happy only after making such a relationship

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Newz Fast, Viral Desk: We asked some married couples what is most important to maintain the relationship of husband wife, then most of the people said that if love remains in this relationship, then it is very easy to maintain this bond. goes.

However, if we say that love is not enough to maintain a marriage, then what will you say? Yes, it may sound a bit awkward.

But to make the marriage successful it is very important for the couples to connect with each other. Along with love, intimacy-communication is also very important in this relationship.

Even though couples love each other very much. But if there is no honesty or respect for each other between them, then their relationship cannot last long even if they want.

Such relationships not only come on the verge of separation, but after a few days it becomes difficult for the couples to stay together.

On the same topic, we spoke to a few women who shared how they have made their marriage fun.
I stopped expecting compliments

29-year-old Rita says that I have been married for a long time, but even after this, there are very few problems between us.
That's because I've stopped expecting my husband to compliment me all the time.

Whenever I wear a sari or a dress, I don't care that she compliments me every time.

That's because no matter how hard I try, he can never be like my friends who enthusiastically praised me for doing something new.

However, I never mention such things to him or make him feel guilty for not praising me.

It is the same with them. They also don't need my praise all the time. This is also one of the reasons why both of us are very happy in our marriage.

no harm in apologizing after a fight

Hariya, 36, says that quarrels between husband and wife are very common. However, in the meantime stop thinking that it is your husband's job to take the first initiative to strengthen the relationship.

Start taking initiative from your side too. This will not only make your husband feel good but your partner will also appreciate you.
This is because in relationships where there is no mutual respect, then it seems like a burden to maintain a bond like marriage.

For this reason, the relationship comes on the verge of separation. Commitment is very important in the relationship between husband and wife. There is nothing wrong with apologizing after a fight.

gifts are also important

Tanisha, 32, says that I like to surprise my husband with small gifts to please him.

Now whether it includes perfume or a toothbrush.

This is because in order to make the relationship strong, the companionship of the partner and the attachment they get from them is very important.
This is also one of the reasons why when I gift small things to my husband, he becomes very happy.

In a healthy relationship, it is not only your own happiness that matters but it is also important that you are keeping your partner happy.

Stop using the wrong words

38-year-old Sunidhi says that your approach matters a lot to make a relationship strong. Who are you talking to, who called, how many female coolies are there in the office.

You can't do any work properly' 'The responsibility of the house is just mine' Such questions can not only affect your relationship but it also shows how much you trust your partner.

I also used to get very angry at some of my husband's habits. However, I am learning to control my anger.

Now both of us discuss every issue peacefully. I specifically stopped using words that were hurting my relationship.

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