The husband was insisting on taking a friend along on the honeymoon, the truth was lost to the wife

Couple Goes For Honeymoon : हनीमून पर गए कपल के साथ हुआ ऐसा, कि लड़की को दस दिन तक अजनबियो के साथ सोना पड़ा

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Marriage is a very sacred relationship. It is very important for husband and wife to have faith in each other. It is said that the truth hidden from someone before marriage definitely comes to the fore. This truth can become the reason for breaking the relationship.

A similar case has come to light from Maharashtra. Here a young man got married but he was hiding the big truth of his life from his wife.

The wife got suspicious when she insisted on taking her friend along on the honeymoon. After this, the wife came to know about her big truth from the phone message.

Thane's case

This shocking case has come to light from Thane, Mumbai. Here a 32-year-old youth living in Navi Mumbai got married. His wife was also a resident of there.

The two met online. After this, the boy became friends with a 30-year-old girl. Later both of them had decided to get married.

Both of them got married to each other in the month of November last year. The girl had reached her in-laws husband's house with many dreams. However, she did not know the truth of her husband yet. She was surprised when both were planning to go on honeymoon. The husband insisted on taking his friend on the honeymoon as well.

Husband's truth exposed

The girl could not understand why her husband was insisting on such a thing. She also tried to explain to her husband that honeymoon is for spending private moments together. What would his friend do there but still he kept refusing to go without the friend. Since then the girl was suffering.

Meanwhile, the wife came to know about her husband's truth. She was looking at his phone once. In this, through WhatsApp messages, she came to know that the young man she married is gay.

He had a relationship with two young men. Although he hid this thing from his wife before marriage. And the girl was not even aware of it.

The matter reached the court, the case of fraud

After knowing the truth of her husband, the angry girl filed a case in the court. A case of fraud was registered against him. The wife told that the husband had also made a fake job letter to get married.

He had told through a fake letter that he earns Rs 14 lakh annually. Whereas after marriage his earnings turned out to be fake.
At the same time, the wife also told that the husband also hid the fact of his homosexuality from him. She married him by cheating and caused irreparable loss of her life.

Not only this, the wife told that when she resisted to hide the truth, the husband threatened her with a knife. The court rejected the anticipatory bail application of the accused. Now he can be arrested.

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