The groom returned 2.5 lakh rupees of vaccine, set an example by taking 1 rupee and coconut in omen


Newz Fast, New Delhi: On learning, he has refused to take the vaccine. They do not believe in extravagance away from pomp and show. The sooner it is curbed, the better.

In today's time some people take dowry in marriage. But some people set an example by not taking dowry.

A similar case has come to light from Rajasthan where the groom has set an example by giving back the money for the shagun given by the bride's father in the vaccine ceremony.

Please tell that the groom was given 2.5 lakh rupees by the bride's father in the ceremony of vaccine. But the groom refused to take the money. This step of the groom is being discussed everywhere.

This time the matter is related to the three districts of Bhilwara, Nagaur and Sikar. Originally, Pratap Singh, son of Rajendra Singh Rathod, a resident of Koel village of Ladnun tehsil of Nagaur district, was married on February 9.

Pratap Singh, who is working in the private sector, currently lives in Bhilwara. He had come from Bhilwara to Sikar's village Divrala to marry Akanksha Shekhawat, daughter of Naval Singh Shekhawat.

Inspired by father Rajendra Singh Rathore, the groom refused like this
The bride's father, Naval Singh Shekhawat, presented Rs 2.51 lakh to the groom Pratap Singh as an omen in the ceremony held at Anat Singh Bhawan in Divrala.

But the groom Pratap Singh returned the amount with respect to the forehead saying that he does not believe in these things. The groom Pratap Singh said that he is inspired by his father Rajendra Singh Rathod.

Following his teachings, he has refused to take the vaccine. They do not believe in extravagance away from pomp and show. The sooner it is curbed, the better.

1 rupee and coconut taken in omen
The groom Pratap Singh gave the message of simplicity in the Rajput society by taking only 1 rupee and coconut in the omen. Many of his relatives and villagers including Subedar Govardhan Singh, Magan Singh Dashrath Singh and Jai Singh were present on behalf of the bride's side in the Samela ceremony.

This decision of the groom was highly praised by all the people present there. The same bride's side became emotional with this decision of the groom. According to the bride's side, this decision of the groom has increased their respect for them.

The groom returned Rs 11 lakh in Jaipur
It is noteworthy that recently on February 5, a similar case had come to the fore in Jaipur. Originally it was the marriage of Shailendra Singh, son of property businessman Vijay Singh Rathod living in Churu and presently Jaipur.

In the marriage, 11 lakh rupees were presented to the groom Shailendra Singh on behalf of the bride's side as an omen. But the groom's father and the groom had returned the amount respectfully. Shailendra Singh is working as an accountant in Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited.

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