The girl fell in love with Jiju's sister, both of them ran away and married, said they would never leave together


Newz Fast Viral Desk: The matter is of Churu area of ​​Rajasthan. The girl went to her elder sister's in-laws' house. Here she met her sister-in-law. The two became friends. And this friendship turned into love. After this both the girls decided to live together.

and ran away from home. The family felt that the girls had been kidnapped by someone. Wrote the report and then the police traced both of them, but everyone was blown away when the truth came out.

This case is related to Mamta Nayak, a resident of Ratangarh, Churu and Krishna Nayak, a resident of Haryana. Mamta's age is 18 years and Krishna's age is 22 years.

This is how love and revelation happened

22-year-old Krishna had earlier gone to her sister's in-laws' house. Here he found his sister's sister-in-law Mamta. There was friendship between the two. And this friendship turned into a relationship. Both were gay.

Both were attracted to each other and fell in love. In November, both went missing from their respective homes. The relatives filed a case that their girls had disappeared somewhere. The family members feared something untoward. When the investigation started, it came to know that the girls are in Fatehabad, Haryana.

Get live-in papers done, family members speechless

The girls told that she had run away from home on November 12 and got married. Both love each other. The police and the family tried to convince both of them but both did not agree and started taking vows to live and die with each other.

Both the girls are adults, so the police let them go. Police said that the girls do not have marriage papers, but they have got the papers made to be in a live-in relationship. At the same time, the family is still not convinced that this can happen.

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