The girl caught red-handed mother doing dirty with her lover, then this ruckus happened


Newz Fast, Viral Desk: If we explain to our children the things which are wrong, if the parents start doing the same work, then the society starts making all kinds of things. In one such case, a girl caught her mother celebrating Rangraliya with her lover. What happened after that is astonishing.

A case has come to the fore in Kochhabhanwar which exposes the deteriorating standard of morality in our society. According to the information, a married woman was having a love affair with another man in Kochhabhanwar of Nawabad police station area.

When the daughter came to know about this, she caught her mother in an objectionable condition while celebrating rallies with that non-man. This thing was passing exasperating to his daughter.

This is the reason why the woman's daughter started keeping an eye on her mother's every move. At first, she tried to convince the mother several times, but when she did not agree, with the help of the police, the girl exposed her mother's rhetoric.

The victim girl has now filed a police complaint against her own mother and has demanded strict action.

Found in a closed room in the presence of police
The girl, troubled by her mother's love story, has told in the police complaint that her mother was suddenly taken away by the accused youth to Kochhabhanwar. The woman informed about this.

It was not considered appropriate to give it to the daughter.
The angry daughter also chased and searched the house of the mother and her lover. It is said that when the door of the closed room was opened, the accused youth and woman were in an objectionable condition.

When the woman and her lover did not open the door even after knocking for a long time, the police had to show strictness and then the door opened.

Police detained
During this, there was a long debate between the two sides. Seeing her mother in this condition, the daughter's anger was on the seventh sky. During this sentence, the accused woman was repeatedly seen defending her lover.

At present, the police have taken both of them into custody. The police say in this matter that it will take appropriate action according to the law. The increasing cases of illicit relations between married women and men speaks volumes about the decline of morality in the society.

It also shows the lack of trust and love in mutual relationships somewhere.

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