The bride and groom were dancing in front, the bride did such a scandal, she arrived on the pretext of stomach ache...


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Coming to the point of both of them, Jagdish also asked them to find girls. On this both said that one and a half lakh rupees will be taken.

A shocking case has come to light from Madhya Pradesh. Where four brides have targeted the family together.

The brides took one and a half lakh rupees before the wedding. After marriage, when the procession was going towards the house. During this the bride disappeared.

According to the police, Jagdish's father Kunwarji Suner resident village Panchola has lodged a complaint against Ganesh, father Satyanarayan, his mother Sunderbai, relative Mahesh resident of village Sihasa, living in the village itself.

Some tricks to get married
The complainant told the police that he has two sons, who are not married. They are handicapped. He had accumulated about seven lakh rupees by working hard day and night.

When Ganesh and Sunderbai came to know about this, both of them informed their relative Mahesh.

After this, Ganesh reached Jagdish with his mother Sunderbai and said, 'Both sons are not getting married, they are old. Get married soon If the girls are not available then tell us, we will find the brides.

Coming to their words, Jagdish also asked them to find the girls. On this, both said that one and a half lakh rupees will be taken.

Talking to the complainant every day for about eight days, took him under the guise and implicated not only the two sons, but also his brother-in-law's son and other youths of the village in the name of getting married.

The accused took eight lakh rupees from all these. After this, another youth got married in the temple with the complainant's son Lakhan, Prahlad, brother-in-law's son Jitendra.

Brides disappeared from the procession
After marriage, the procession of all four was taken out on December 3. During this the bridegroom and the guests were dancing and singing ahead. At the same time, the brides were following behind. Seeing before reaching the door, three brides fled in a car and fled.

While the fourth pretended to have stomach pain. When he took her to the hospital, she ran away from there. When the brides did not return, they felt cheated.

The touts fooled the complainant, now the case has been registered
When the complainants reached the brokers after the incident, they started giving assurances to them. He said that there are girls, they will come. Spent many days doing this.

Later the matter reached the police station. Here too the police did not listen at first. The complainant had to make several rounds of the police station. Now a case has been registered against the accused.

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