Tejashwi Prakash called this body part of Karan Kundra beautiful, the listeners were blown away


Newz Fast, New Delhi: During a recent interview, Tejashwi Prakash was asked about Karan Kundrra's body. In which he made shocking revelations. At the same time, Tejashwi has also said a big thing about his relationship.

Karan Kundrra and Tejashwi Prakash first met in the house of Bigg Boss 15. Where both of them fell in love.

Now the fans of both are eagerly waiting for their marriage. They have been spotted together several times after the show. Tejashwi and Karan were seen yesterday at the launch event of their song 'Baarish Aai Hai' in Mumbai. ,

During this, in an interview given to Spotboye, the 'Naagin 6' actress and Karan talked about their marriage.

Told this part body part beautiful
When Tejashwi was asked what she loves the most about Karan? So the actress told her eyes. Tejashwi said that there is a lot of truth in his eyes.

The actress further said- 'I like the way he treats me when I am around. There is truth and honesty in his eyes which I love the most.

Whenever he says that he loves me, misses me, his eyes show how much it really means to him. Karan's eyes are the most beautiful in the whole world.

I can't stop looking at his eyes. I can see how sincerely he loves me. I love his loyal feelings.

Tejashwi made revelations about marriage
When Karan and Tejashwi were asked about their wedding planning, the actress made a shocking revelation that Karan has not proposed her for marriage yet.

Karan said in a conversation with Spotboye that 'I think Tejashwi should answer this. Even Varun Dhawan had asked her about marriage on National TV.

Now many people have asked. I have given up'. On this Tejashwi says, 'I am not going to answer this question, this question should be asked to Karan, only then I will answer. But, he still hasn't asked me this question.

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