Sukhwinder Singh, who came to watch the shoot on the sets of 'Shamshera', said: Cleared all my illusions


Newz Fast, Viral Desk: After watching the shoot of Shamshera, Sukhwinder said that we all have seen the film Bahubali, due to which we can see that nothing can be bigger than life. But after watching the shoot of Shamshera, this illusion also broke.

Sukhwinder Singh, who has spread the magic of his memory in Bollywood films, will soon give his voice in the songs of Ranbir Kapoor's film Shamshera. Recently, Sukhwinder Singh met with Ranbir Kapoor on the sets of Shamshera regarding this project.

Referring to the moments of this meeting, he shared some moments. I have shot this song at the end of Corona wave. Ever since I entered the industry. My first meeting with A.R. Rahman, Mani Ratnam and Gulzar sahab.

We jammed. However, I call it a mehfil. Together, there was a lot of conversation on the creation of the song.

I needed it at that time. Everything was electronic in desi instruments and Rahman's studio. We immediately called from Mumbai to play many indigenous instruments like tabla, flute. It is because of that gathering, Chhaiyan-Chhaiya, which has become an iconic song today.

The same gathering was also adorned during Shamshera. Here I got the support of director Karan, Mithun and Lyricist. After this we have discovered three songs. You see people's response to the music of this film is positive. People are liking the songs.

Sukhwinder further says, I usually do not go to the shooting of the film. After many years I reached the sets of Shamshera. To be honest, it is difficult to describe that experience.
We all have seen Bahubali movie, I used to think that nothing can be bigger than life than Bahubali. But reached the set of Shamshera, where the fight scene was going on on the train sequence.

He was surprised to see the canvas. I could not believe that shooting could be done on such a large canvas. My great pride was gone.

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Talking about his passion, Sukhvind says, "I used to think that whatever action sequences happen in films these days, they are decorated with graphics or special effects.

This proved to be wrong for me as soon as I reached the set. I saw with my own eyes Ranbir Kapoor of 60 kg was lifting 80-90 kg people with his hands.

Sukhwinder says, Ranbir came back after doing action and sat on the chair next to me. He didn't even let anyone else sit in my chair. If someone would come and sit, he would tell him that no Sukhi ji has come on the set, this chair belongs to him.

I told Ranbir that brother, you will burst by lifting people. On this point of mine, Ranbir smiles and says that Paji, this is life. I said where is the graphics and special effects.

So Ranbir says how much graphics will he use. If this starts happening, then the actor will now sit at home, just take his cutout on the set. Seeing his physical effort, I was very impressed.

Sukhwinder Singh liked this talk of Ranbir Kapoor so much that he said that as long as the grace of Mother Saraswati will remain. He will not hand over the live concert to any special effects or auto tune.

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