Strange tradition, the entire village checks the bride's virginity on the honeymoon


Newz Fast, New Delhi: People of different religion and caste live in India. Every place has a different tradition. Today we are going to tell you about such a tradition, hearing about which your senses will fly away.

There is a village where the whole village sits outside the room during the honeymoon and checks the virginity of the bride.

The village does the virginity check: Not only the family members check the virginity of the new bride, but the whole village checks it. It has been going on for many years that on the night of the wedding white sheets are put on the bed and on the second day the virginity of the girl is checked.

This work happens here\: There is a community named Kanjarbhat in Maharashtra in which a white sheet is given to the couple before the honeymoon, which tells whether the girl is a virgin or not in the morning.

It is even more surprising that not only do the family members wait to see the blood spot, but the whole village comes and waits for the sarpanch along with them.

Then this effect happens: This tradition has been going on for 20 years and people also believe in it. If the girl turns out to be a virgin, then it is fine, otherwise she is treated very badly, which is worse than animals.

Some people have also protested on this, but because of the sarpanch, no one wants to speak on this.

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