Sister-in-law, who was in love with brother-in-law's brother, both were meeting alone in the night, family members lost sight again...


Newz Fast, New Delhi: It is said that couples are made and sent by the above people. No one knows about who is with whom in life. Many incidents make these proverbs true. Only AC news has come from Bihar.

Sister-in-law reached the house of brother-in-law living in Bihar. There was a birthday party in his house in which sister-in-law also came to attend. There he fell in love with brother-in-law's brother.

Both were meeting alone in the night that suddenly the family members saw. After this a very interesting incident happened, knowing which you will not even be able to believe.

This news came out from Patna

This news of the love story of brother-in-law and sister-in-law has come out from Patna, Bihar. This incident happened in Naubatpur area here. Manish Kumar lives in Karanpura village.

He had a birthday party at his house. Seven days ago in this party, his brother's sister-in-law had reached Danapur from Nasriganj. This is where his love story started.

Manish Kumar and sister-in-law met at home. The two started talking to each other a lot. Suddenly love blossomed between the two.

The girl decided to marry Manish Kumar. When he told this to Manish, he also agreed. Then both of them decided to get married but a lot was yet to happen.

When you meet alone, the eyes of the family

The sister-in-law had come to celebrate the birthday party, but she sat here choosing her life partner. Both of them vowed to spend their lives with each other and also promised to support them till their death. Although the love between the two was growing, the news of this was not yet known to the family members.

One day these two decided to meet at night. In due time, both of them reached to meet behind the house. He felt that no one would be able to see him because of the darkness.

However, he was wrong as Manish's family members caught sight of both of them. After this there was a stir in the whole house. Both were caught red handed by the family members.

Took such a decision, discussion started in the village

Manish's family took a big decision after catching both of them red handed. These people called the chief and the sarpanch the very next day.
Together they decided that both should get married. Now the biggest thing was that these days kharmas are going on. In such a situation marriage cannot happen, then what to do?

It was decided that the marriage of both the lovers should be done in Kharmas itself. After this it was organized in the Shiva temple of the village itself.

Pandit called the people of both the families and got them married. People of the village also reached there to see the marriage without Muhurta. Their marriage remains a topic of discussion in the village.

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