Sister-in-law beats her with slippers in brother-in-law's panchayat, will be stunned to hear the reason


Newz Fast, UP: The ghost of love of the father of two children came to an end when the girlfriend started beating him with slippers in the Bhari Panchayat. The father of two children had an affair with his sister-in-law, due to which he went missing from the house.

When both were caught and the panchayat took place, he accepted the decision to live with his wife instead of sister-in-law, on which his sister-in-law started raining slippers on him in the filled panchayat.

In a village of Mirzamurad area in Varanasi, the ghost of love took off the panchayat filled with the head of the father of two children who had run away with the sister-in-law. The girlfriend was shocked after hearing that she was living with the wife instead of the sister-in-law. Started beating the lover with slippers in front of everyone.

The youth, who hails from a village in Mirzamurad area, is the father of two children, who fell in love with his sister-in-law. The euphoria of love was such that both the brother-in-law and sister-in-law had run away from the house.

When the relatives complained about this and put pressure, both of them had come back. On which a Panchayat was held in the village. Where when the young man was asked with whom he would like to live, the young man told that he wants to live with his wife.

But at the same time, in the panchayat, the girlfriend got adamant on living with the boyfriend who was brother-in-law. But the brother-in-law, apologizing for his actions, started talking about living with his wife and children. The girlfriend was surprised to hear his words.

The badly angry girlfriend rained on the boyfriend brother-in-law in front of everyone and beat him with slippers. Along with the beating of the lover, she started crying and alleging that a lot of money has also been stolen by luring me.

The Panchayat, being married, ordered the lover to live with his wife and children and return the amount taken from the girlfriend. Along with this, the decision was also given to bear the expenses of the girlfriend's marriage elsewhere. There was a debate about this for hours. Dial 112 police reached the information and intervened. So far, the police have not received any complaint.

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