Sister brother got married, due to which government employees were also stunned

Marriage Photo Sister brother

Newz Fast, Uttar Pradesh: A strange case has come to light from UP. To take advantage of the scheme issued by the government, the brother sister took such a step, which everyone is stunned to hear.

For information, let us tell you that there is a practice going on in Uttar Pradesh regarding mass marriage, in which 35 thousand rupees are given to each couple after marriage. To get whom the sister brother married each other

In Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, brothers and sisters got married among themselves in the greed of benefits under the Chief Minister's mass marriage scheme. Actually, weddings are organized by the Social Welfare Department. Under the mass marriage scheme, the state government gives Rs 35,000 to each couple in addition to the household gifts given to them.

As per the details of the scheme Rs 20,000 is deposited in the bank account of the groom and gifts of Rs 10,000 are also given. The marriage took place on December 11 at Tundla in Firozabad and came to light only after local villagers identified the married couple as brothers and sisters.

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