PAN-Aadhaar link will be done in minutes, know online process here

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: The government had appealed to every citizen of India to link Aadhaar card and PAN card. Following the government's advice, many people had got Aadhaar and PAN linked, but till now many people have not yet linked PAN and Aadhaar.

If you have not yet linked this PAN-Aadhaar, then there is important news for you. Because they may have trouble in the future. Today we are going to tell you the online process to link Aadhaar and PAN card.

What is online process
You do not have to worry much to link PAN-Aadhaar among themselves. This process is very easy and today we are going to tell you about it step by step.

Link Aadhaar with PAN online sitting at home
1. First you have to go to the official website of Income Tax Department,
2. Here you will see the option of 'Link Aadhaar' which has to be clicked.

3. Now you have to enter many other details including PAN number, Aadhar number.
4. After this you have to fill the captcha code given below.
5. Now you have to click on the option of 'Link Aadhaar' and thus your Aadhaar will be linked with PAN.

Why is Aadhaar-PAN linking necessary?
PAN Card and Aadhar Card are very important documents for any Indian. Both of these are very important in many government works and you can also take many benefits from them.

PAN card is required for banking or any kind of financial work.

If you have a PAN card, then you must link it with your Aadhaar before March 31, 2023. If you do not do this then you may have to pay a heavy fine.

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