On seeing the groom, the bride started screaming, then went to the room and did a shocking work

Newz Fast, New Delhi The entire family turns into mourning after the bride consumes poison. After hearing this sad incident, he returned.

A surprising case has come to light from UP. Where the bride was ready and waiting for the groom. During this, something happened that the bride did a heart-wrenching act.

As soon as the procession reached near the door of the house, the bride saw the groom from the terrace, she was stunned and came to her room laughing. After which he committed suicide by consuming poison after closing the room.

As soon as the family members got to know about the bride's poison, the family members were taking her to the hospital in a hurry that the bride died on the way.

After consuming the poison of the bride, the whole family turned to mourning. The baraatis returned after hearing this sad incident.

According to the information received, the bride was 20 years old and the groom was 42 years old. His friend was also teasing him about the same thing. seeing a bridegroom twice his age
The bride was in shock. After which she was forced to take this dreadful step. After the death of the bride, the relatives informed the police. After which the police is
investigating the matter.

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