Nora Fatehi wore such a dress, while dancing, she showed her...

nooran fatehi

Newz Fast, New Delhi: Nora Fatehi is being talked about here. She has recently been a victim of the Oops Moment. Here Nora came wearing such a dress that she had to face embarrassment while dancing. Due to which she is constantly being trolled.

Nora Fatehi is being mentioned here. Who got embarrassed because of her dress while dancing. Yes, that too because of her dress. Let us tell you that Nora is considered one of the best dancers of Bollywood.

People are convinced to see his dance. While dancing, his actions are not only murderous, but the fans are not able to take their eyes off seeing the moves. Often celebrities also have to give live dance performances.

Something similar happened with Nora Fatehi. But while she was dancing, Oops became a victim of the moment. Nora was seen comfortable dancing on the song among the public. During the dance, Nora made such moves that everyone got lost in her style.

The audience also enjoyed Nora Fatehi's dance. Nora wore a blue one piece for this live performance. This one piece had full sleeves and a slightly plunging neckline. The dress was open from the front of the circle.

Nora suffered an Oops moment due to cord cutting. During this, Nora's underwear was caught on camera. However, she recovered later.

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