My Story: My husband is unable to give me the happiness of becoming a mother, I do not understand what to do


Newz Fast,New Delhi: I am a married woman. I am suffering from lack of child for the last five years. Even after all the efforts, I am facing difficulty in conceiving, due to which the doctors are advising me for IVF. My friends are supporting me in this whole process.

That's because my husband doesn't care about me. Actually, my husband has a habit of speaking very little. He likes to be on his own. He has never spoken to me about his mental struggles. This is also one of the reasons why we never got that kind of bond, which should be between husband and wife.

The distance between us widened when one day I saw him reading spiritual books and listening to discourses. Initially, I encouraged her.

That's because I thought he was enjoying reading these books. But after some time I noticed that he has also started attending online sessions of gurus. At first I ignored it. But when it started happening every day, I started to feel awkward.

Not only this, the situation is now that he is completely engrossed in such discourses. So whenever I try to approach him, he pushes me away.

He's not interested in me. He doesn't care what is happening to me. To be honest, it is becoming very difficult for me to handle my husband. Can't understand what should I do?

Expert Answer

Ravi, founder of AIR Institute of Realization and AIR Center of Enlightenment, says that if your husband is moving towards spirituality, the first thing you need to understand is that marriage is not at all about 'I'. This is because there is always talk of 'we' in a married relationship.

However, I do recognize that not all marriages work. But even after this, as a couple, husband and wife need to take steps in the same direction. I am saying this because if both of you are taking your steps in opposite direction, then your marriage is bound to break.

Chat with husband

As you told that whenever you try to get close to your husband, he keeps you away from himself. In such a situation, I would say that first of all evaluate your situation and your marriage and then find out what do you want from this relationship? If you want your marriage to last, you have to sort this matter out with your husband.

Not only interact with your husband but also find out about his mental struggles and thoughts on the spiritual path. But during this you have to be completely honest with them. You need to tell them how you feel because of their actions. At the same time, how much the lack of a child is hurting you.

Convince husband

On this topic, Vishal Bhardwaj, founder and relationship coach at Predictions for Success, says, “I can very well understand what you are going through at this point of time. But even after this I would say that work with restraint and patience. Talk to your husband and assure him that he is not alone. As a partner you are always there to support them.

Well let me tell you that if listening to spiritual books or discourses gives him peace of mind, then it can be a boon for your relationship as well. This is because a person with spiritual awakening can understand himself very deeply through this journey as well as understand you. Therefore, whatever decision you take, do it after a lot of thought.

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