Mukesh Khanna: There is jumma for Muslim prayer, mass prayer on Sunday for Christians, why is there no special day for Hindus?

Mukesh Khanna

Newz Fast, Entertainment Desk Hindus do not have a single day of their own in India. There is prayer on the day of Juma, and Sunday for Christians, what do Hindus have?

Mukesh Khanna who is popular as Bhishma of Mahabharat, said, "In most religions of the world, one day of the week is set aside to meditate or offer prayers to God. Just like in Islam, prayers are offered on the day of Juma, similarly Christians go to church on Sundays.

A large number of Christians gather in the church on Sundays. Sunday has great importance in their religion. The Bible is read on the Sunday Mass.

Khanna wants Hindus to fix one day in a week for themselves and remember God. He has also shared a video on social media. Talking to the media, Khanna said, "I have shared this video to awaken the Hindus and unite them.

Muslim, Sikh, Christian are united, but there is no unity among Hindus. People don't say, I am Indian, people say, I am Jain, Marathi, Gujarati, Bihari. Hindus do not consider their religion as religion, they say that Hinduism is not a religion, it is the way of life.

Many a times people tell me that you speak boldly on all issues? I spoke against drugs and pornography, and I am not worried whether I will get films, serials or not."

Khanna says, "The only purpose of this video is that Hindus should decide for themselves one day in a week, I have suggested them Tuesday for Hanumanji's day. All the Hindus go together for half an hour to the temples of their respective areas. When one hundred crore Hindus come together, unity and solidarity will be possible among them."

He also says "There is a lot of ignorance, illiteracy in our country and the whole country is suffering because of it. Illiteracy is the biggest problem of our country, it is necessary for all Indians to be educated.

Education should be made free. Children should be taught Bhagvad Gita from class VI. The syllabus made by the British Government now needs to be changed. The course books taught more about the Mughal rulers while not much was taught about historical figures like Rani of Jhansi, Maharana Pratap, Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Ashfaqullah Khan.

Revolutionaries were not given their status, I am fighting for that too. Till today the families of the revolutionaries live in the condition of poverty, they sacrificed their lives for their country. If you give Bharat Ratna to Chandrashekhar Azad, it will be an honor of Bharat Ratna."

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