Millionaire mistress fell in love with a servant, when the servant ran away, she reached another state to find her


Newz Fast Viral Desk: A millionaire steel business woman was living in a live-in-relationship with her own servant for four years. The servant had gone to his village after saying a few days. He said that he would come back soon.

But after many days he did not return, so the mistress reached Raisen district looking for him. Here she was wandering from door to door to find him. When the servant was not found, he finally complained to the SP of Raisen district, Monika Shukla.

He has told the police that his servant has left him and fled to his village after betraying him in love. He lives in Kishanpur village of Raisen district.

This is how I fell in love with my mistress

The victim woman told the police that she has a steel company in Ambikapur. Four years ago a youth of Kishanpur village also worked in his company. He had interviewed the young man, his job was confirmed and started working.

In the meantime, they became friends and started liking each other. Both started living like husband and wife in live-in. The victim woman told that she started keeping him like her husband, not as a servant, but did not think that he would turn out to be such a big cheater.

Relationship like wife

The victim woman said in her complaint to the police that for four years, he kept on having a relationship on the pretext of marriage. During this I also gave him lakhs of rupees. Whenever I used to talk about marriage to him, he used to avoid making excuses.

A few days ago, he had gone to his village for some work, but even after a month, he did not return. He even stopped picking up my phone. When he reached his house, he also beat up his family members.

Police registered FIR

According to the SP of Raisen district, Monika Shukla, on the application of the woman, we have registered a case in the police station. The truth will come out after the investigation of the matter.

If the accused has cheated the woman then action will be taken against him. On the other hand, its information has also reached Raipur Police.

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