KBC 14: Shashwat Goyal could not become a millionaire! 7.5 crores lost due to this mistake

KBC 14: Shashwat Goyal missed out on this question of 7.5 crores, then cried a lot, do you know the answer?

Newz Fast, Entertainment Desk: Amitabh Bachchan, who is called the superhero of the century and veteran artist, is in the news these days for his show 'Kaun Banega Crorepati 14'. Now many contestants have come in the show, who have turned out to be Lakhpati and Crorepati.

At the same time, Shashwat Goyal, who reached the show this time, could also become the second millionaire of the show, but due to a small mistake, he lost more than 7 crores. However, he has become the owner of 1 crore.

The amount which has been transferred to his account as well as a luxurious car has also been gifted, but Shashwat Goyal took such a decision after this, after which he had to lose an amount of crores.

The big thing is that Shashwat Goyal is being praised a lot for this, because Shashwat Goyal did not know the answer to this question, then he attempted it, for which he was also praised a lot on social media. Shashwat told Big B that 'the advantage I can get by playing this question. My loss for giving a wrong answer will not be that much as compared to that.

Actually, the thing is that he did not know the correct answer to the question which was asked to Shashwat. Despite knowing this, he expressed his desire to play this question and due to his stupidity, he also lost his winning 1 crore rupees, after which he fell straight to the halt of 75 lakhs. Not only this, before this question, Big B also warned Shashwat.

Big B had said Shashwat that by not telling the answer to this question, he would do himself a big loss, but he was sure that he had to play this question.

This risk cost him dearly. After losing the amount of 7.5 crores, the grief of losing 1 crore was also clearly visible on the face of Shashwat, but the thing to think about is how many contestants are participating in this show, who can answer the question of 7.5 crores. We do. Most of the contestants don't take that much risk, but Shashwat took this chance.

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