Jennifer Pamplona: This girl spent crores of rupees to look like Kim Kardashian, now it is like this.


Newz Fast, New Delhi: This model got her facial surgery done to look like Kim Kardashian. This model living in America spent crores of rupees for the surgery.

Some people consider someone or the other as their role model. But some people cross the limits of passion. Model Jennifer Pamplona has done the same.

This model got her face surgery to look like Kim Kardashian. This model living in America spent crores of rupees for the surgery.

But the model is regretting what happened after the surgery. So that he can get his old face back.

Let us tell you that model Jennifer Pamplona got herself about 40 cosmetic surgeries to look like Kim Kardashian.

In doing all this, more than four crore rupees were spent by Kim Jennifer Pamplona. But now Jennifer Pamplona wants to get her old face back.

Recently, Jennifer Pemplona has undergone another surgery, which has cost around Rs 80 lakh. Jennifer Pamplona hopes that she will look the same now.

Know that the age of model Jennifer Pamplona is just 29 years old. He has experimented a lot with his face at an early age.

Earlier, Jennifer Pamplona had said that people can call me a fool, question me.

But I am changing my whole look. I am getting a lot of experience from this and I am learning. I want to fulfill the purpose of my life.

Jennifer Pemplona said that I found that I had become addicted to surgery. I was not happy. I was applying filler on my face. It can happen to anyone in adolescence.

This is kind of crazy and needs to be changed. Significantly, Jennifer Pamplona is a resident of Brazil.

Jennifer Pamplona got addicted to surgery because she always wanted to look like model Kim Kardashian. She had several surgeries one after the other, but now she thinks that I wish it had never started.

Model Jennifer Pamplona told that she underwent several surgeries to look like model Kim Kardashian.

She was very happy that her look was going to be like Kim Kardashian. With its help, he also earned a lot of money, but now he needs his identity more. She wants people to know her by her name.

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