Instagram Reels: Instagram brings Diwali Offer for its Indian users, earn big money by making reels


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Social media platform Instagram is also giving tremendous offers to people on Diwali. Now its focus is gradually on short videos more than photo sharing option.

The company has put its full focus on this in the last two years and many features have been added to it. To give a tough competition to Tiktok, Instagram wants to draw the attention of its users towards short videos.

For this, the company is offering good earnings to the users. Now the company has come up with an offer to earn extra on the special occasion of Diwali.

Here is the company's latest offer

Meta has also launched Reels Play Bonus offer for this platform in India. Under this offer, users making videos will get a bonus of up to $ 5000 (about Rs 4 lakh).

Till now this offer was running in the US only, but now it has been released for Indian creators as well.
Due to this great offer, Indian content creators will now have a chance to earn money directly from Meta in addition to brand sponsorship and affiliate programs.

After introducing this offer, Instagram is now encouraging users to make more and more reels. The company wants to leave Tiktok behind in terms of short video platform.

Treat this offer as

The bonus will depend on his number of play after making a reel under this offer. In this, the play will be counted up to 165M. Up to 150 reels are required for the bonus.

Once started, the user will have up to 1 month for the maximum bonus. The bonus can be activated before November 11, 2022.

Eligible creators can earn money from reels when their reels have got 1000 views in the last 30 days. Overall, Reel creators have a great chance to earn millions in bonuses right now.

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