In the greed of money, Alia used to do this work with her father every day, this relationship of both of them was learned by everyone.

alia and his father

Newz Fast, Viral Desk: Alia Bhatt has made a place on the strength of her acting in no time, which is not everyone's bus.

Even though she is a star kid, there is no doubt that she has achieved her successful career due to her excellent performances.

Her father and director Mahesh Bhatt are very proud of Alia's success and her hard work.

He feels very proud of his daughter's fame and name. However, not only Mahesh Bhatt but every father feels for his daughter.

Such is the relationship of a father with daughters, where he always treats them like princesses.

At the same time, daughters also do not consider their father less than a superhero.

This bond between the two is so strong since childhood, from trusting in them the most to having the passion to do anything for them.

Recently, Mahesh Bhatt has also narrated a similar anecdote related to Alia, which will give you a big lesson about the father-daughter relationship.

Used to give 500 rupees to Alia

Her father Mahesh Bhatt is very happy to see Alia at the place she is today. He was not sure that one day Alia would achieve a feat like this.

While praising his daughter, Mahesh Bhatt shared such an anecdote during an interview, in which the undying love of father and daughter is seen.

He had said, 'When Alia was young, she used to put cream on my feet for Rs 500.
But today I have not been able to do as much money as he has earned on the strength of his hard work, even in 50 years of life.

Every father wants to do the way Mahesh Bhatt praised Alia by telling the story of her childhood.

The biggest wish for a father is to fulfill the wishes of his daughter. Which he used to do for Alia even in childhood.

Fathers are the first diamonds of daughters

Just as Mahesh Bhatt used to give her 500 rupees on some pretext to see his daughter Alia happy, similarly every father yearns to fulfill her wishes.

This is the reason why daughters want a husband like their father, who can understand their mind without saying it.
The way a father tries to fulfill his daughter's every wish, that is why he also becomes her superhero.

No problem of communication gap

When there is a strong bond between father and daughter since childhood, then there is no such thing as fear in sharing anything between them only after growing up.

In such a situation, the way fathers are connected with daughters since childhood, a strong bond is seen between them till they grow up.
This is the reason that daughters tell anything to their father in a hurry and for his permission they do not have to scold their mother.

Many times, the things that daughters are unable to share with their mother, they do not feel hesitant to tell their father and in difficult times of life only fathers work to encourage them.

Always help on the professional front

A father guides a lot not only in personal life but also in professional life. From worldliness to teaching the lesson of understanding, many such things, which help you in your career, only a father seems to be teaching his daughters.

However, this is possible only when you have made that kind of bond with your father since childhood.
Sometimes your father may seem strict to you, but you have to understand that he is telling you something right for your own good.

No one can understand you better than your father to judge right and wrong.

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