I fell in love with my half-brother, I was giving my heart in my childhood

physical relation

Newz Fast  New Delhi: Actually, a girl appeared in a British TV show, whose love story surprised everyone. The girl told her name as Maddy and said that she was in love with a boy. With whom she wants to go on a date.

But when she told that the boy is half-brother, everyone watching the show was shocked. This love of Maddy is not of a few days but of childhood.

Parents separated

Maddie told that she had known Callum since childhood and since then she also fell in love. His mother and Callum's father were in a relationship, but later both decided to part ways.

Maddy further said that when I grew up, I discovered Callum through social media, he had become really big and mature. Besides, he looks more handsome now.

Boy said this

People who come to Secret Crush talk openly about their heart and relationship. Maddy was a little nervous because of this, but she later said in the middle of the show that she was in love with Callum. During this, Calum sitting there was also surprised. He said that I cannot believe that you are saying this.

How will the father's reaction be?

Speaking on the future relationship, Maddie said that I don't think we are breaking any laws. When we did all this secretly, it would be a problem. Callum also agreed to this. He said that in real terms, we will not be brothers and sisters, because my father and his mother were not married, they were just engaged.

How will the father's reaction be?

At the same time, in the show, Callum was asked how his father would react when he came to know about this relationship, he said that he would be lost knowing it. Well, both of them have no problem with this, because it is only about their life.

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