Husband was doing this work with girlfriend on Karva Chauth, if wife saw it then she did it...

karwa chauth

Newz Fast, Viral Desk: The youth is from Vijay Nagar area. Wife's maternal uncle is in Sihani Gate area. There is a dispute going on between the two. For some time the wife lives in the maternal house.

The wife suspected that the husband was having an affair with a woman.

On Thursday afternoon, she came to know that the husband is taking his girlfriend for shopping in Turab Nagar market.

She took two women of the family from her maternal home and reached there. The husband was telling the girlfriend outside a shop that whatever you like, buy it, don't worry about the price.

Then the wife arrived. He said what is happening? The husband was shocked to see this. Before he could understand anything, the wife picked up the slippers and started beating him.

The women accompanying his wife caught his girlfriend. The police, who reached the information of the uproar, took everyone to the police station.

Husband wants to divorce

In the police station, the young man said that he does not want to live with his wife. She is separated from him and wants to get divorced.
Why isn't she giving up when the relationship is over with him? The girl said that he has cheated her, action should be taken against her.

action in breach of peace

The young man who was beaten up in the market, the police arrested him under the section of breach of peace. Police say that due to him there was a disturbance of peace in the market. He was kept in lock-up.

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