Groom Kills Bride: Pulled hair, kicked and punched, the groom killed the bride by thrashing her


Newz Fast, Viral Desk: An officer probing the case said that the groom, the boy, has already gone to jail in the murder case. When he was in jail, he had a friendship with a bride-to-be. She felt that she could help the boy improve, so she waited for his release and later agreed to marry him.

A groom beat up the bride in front of the guests on the wedding day itself. The groom suspected that his future wife was cheating on him. He has been sentenced to 18 years in prison in this case. The case is of a village in Russia.

Stepan Dolgikh, 25, had beaten to death his future wife. After this, the body of 36-year-old Oksana Poludantseva was thrown into a pit. Stephen was recently sentenced in this case that took place in October last year.

According to 'The Mirror', Stephen had organized the wedding ceremony at his house in Prokudskoe village. But during this time he attacked Oksana with kicks and punches. He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the ground and hit her on the head several times.

Oksana lost her life in this attack. The guests who came to the wedding got scared seeing this. He informed the police, after which Stephen was arrested. He was drunk.

Wife was suspected because she was murdered
An officer investigating the case said that Stephen has already been jailed in the murder case. He was friends with Oksana when he was in prison.

Oksana felt she could help Stefan improve, so she waited for Stefan's release and later agreed to marry him.

But on the day of the wedding, Stepan killed Oksana. According to the report, Stephen has confessed to the murder. He was reportedly feeling jealous of a guest at the wedding.

It seemed to him that Oksana was misbehaving with the guest. Due to which he got angry and this incident happened.

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