Diwali: The ghost of cleaning Diwali mounted on a person, washed the TV with water and then...


Newz Fast, New Delhi: The time of Diwali is near, so people start cleaning the houses. Everyone posts videos of Diwali cleaning on social media.

Meanwhile, a video of cleanliness is becoming viral on social media, after seeing which you will not stop laughing.

Cleanliness climbed on the person

Often people use water to clean their homes. Sometimes water splashes fall on such items which can prove to be bad for their health.

Even with the action of this person, the TV and computer of his house can lose his life. First you must also watch this viral video...

Water washing computer

We protect any electronic item from water and wipe it with a cloth. But this person has really crossed the limit. In the video, the man can be seen washing the TV and computer with a water pipe.

At the same time, the person making the video is seen having a lot of fun. Seeing this video, many people are not able to stop themselves from reacting.

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