Boys are the claimants of this thing of fat girls, research revealed


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to marriage. Especially in the matter of marriage, boys throw a lot of tantrums. Some like tall and gauchir and some like dark girls.

Most of the people think that boys always like slim-trim girls but boys like fat girls more than skinny girls.

In fact, this has been revealed in a survey conducted on boys. In this survey conducted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, it was found that most Indian boys like slightly fat and fat girls more than fit or thin girls.

If they get a chance, they prefer to make a fat girl their girlfriend or life partner instead of a thin one. So what is it about these fat girls that boys like so much? Let's know.

That's why boys like fat girls

1. In fact, the survey found that boys are up to 10 times happier with fat girls than with thin girls. The reason for this is that fat girls do not stop them much for eating and drinking.

These fat girls do not even put pressure on the boys to exercise and go to the gym. Boys can live life as per their wish. They feel more freedom with fat girls than with skinny girls.

2. Most fat girls are happy and positive attitude. In such a situation, the boys feel healthy and fresh by staying with them. He likes the company of fat girls.

It doesn't take much effort to impress these girls. They don't expect much from you. Whereas thin girls have more expectations from boys. She also wants to mold them according to her own accord, which annoys the boys.

3. According to the survey, fat girlfriends or partners keep their words open in front of them. They are not quick to get serious about anything. They let even the biggest of things go easily.

His cheerful nature makes boys feel more at ease. Boys share everything in their hearts with them without any fear. Rather, in front of thin girls, they have to do the same thing with great care.

4. The bulges of the body of fat girls attract more boys. They don't get bored of them quickly. There are always new possibilities in romance. Whereas in thin girls boys do not get the attraction that fat girls have.

This is the reason that when it comes to getting married, most of the boys reject the girls just because she is very thin.

5. Hugging fat girls, that is, hugging has its own fun. By hugging them, it seems as if you have hugged a teddy bear. Bones do not prick when hugging them and being in their arms. It is as if we have slept on a velvet mattress.

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