Bigg Boss: The drama queen sheds crocodile tears in support of Sajid Khan! Boyfriend Adil was seen stopping laughing


Newz Fast, Entertainment Desk: Ever since the entry of MeToo accused Sajid Khan in 'Bigg Boss 16', there has been a ruckus. Some have come out in their support and some are raising their voice against them.

Till now many people have given statement about him and now drama queen Rakhi Sawant has given statement about Sajid. Rakhi Sawant has called the allegations leveled against Sajid Khan by other women as a 'publicity stunt'.

A new video of Rakhi has surfaced in which the actress is talking about Sajid Khan. While talking about this, Rakhi suddenly starts crying. In this video her boyfriend Adil is standing behind. Letting Rakhi talk, she laughs.

The actress says- 'They intentionally want to do publicity stunts. Sajid Khan is none of mine. But let him live life as a human being man. Otherwise he will commit suicide. If he gets so much hatred from the side of the country, the guy will commit suicide. Let him live please.'

Rakhi says 'Sajid Khan has been sentenced to four years'. Nobody worked with him. Now he has gone to Bigg Boss to try his life and Bigg Boss takes only such controversial people. When Rakhi was supporting Sajid Khan, Adil standing behind is trying to stop laughing.

Rakhi further said that if I go to Bigg Boss then I will ask Sajid Khan really truthful question whether he has really done this or not? Or just charges have been leveled against him.

Please spare him. Let him live a new life. Otherwise a man will commit suicide under everyone's pressure. I am feeling sorry for Sajid Khan. He doesn't look like my brother or anything. Nor have I done any work with him, but everyone is doing this to get dirty publicity.

In this video, many users called Rakhi a drama and advised Adil to laugh openly. Sajid Khan was made serious allegations of sexual abuse by many actresses under MeToo a few years ago.

Sajid Khan was snatched away from 'Housefull 4' as well as other films and projects. Now when Sajid Khan arrived as a contestant in 'Bigg Boss 16', people were furious. People are demanding to get Sajid out of the show.

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