Bharti Singh made many revelations about her child, work should start as soon as she turns 18

bharti singh

Newz Fast, Viral Desk: Comedian Bharti Singh wants her son to start earning by the time he turns 18. He said this not in a joke but in a serious way. If she wants to have a daughter, she should also work part time along with studies.

Bharti Singh gave birth to a son last April. Like every parent, Bharti and Harsh also keep planning for their son.

Now Bharti has told that she wants her son to start working when he turns 16 or 18. Bharti wants her son Lakshya to start working with studies. Not only this, if you have a daughter, then she has also planned for her.

Bharti told that she would be happy if her children would start working part time.

After some time withdraw expenses
Bharti was talking to Neha Dhupia on Instagram Live. This session was under the Freedom to Feed Initiative. Bharti said on working after Lakshya was born, both Harsh and I are taking limited work.

Now we think a lot before taking a new project. Yes work is also necessary because we have to fulfill the needs.

I think we should meet his needs for some years but some years he should meet his own expenses. Also read: Bharti Singh created son Lakshya's Instagram account, got so many thousand followers after 5 posts

Daughter should work in salon
Bharti goes on to say, like in the US, children go to school and also work part time. I am in favor of that life. I believe that when you are 16-18 years old, you should not take financial help from parents.

Bharti Singh's son should work in McDonald's along with studies.

Bharti's daughter should guide people in the salon or take appointment along with studies. Bharti said, I would be happy if my children work part time because it is very difficult to survive in Mumbai these days.

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