Acid Reflux: There is a burning sensation in the chest after eating, then after eating these household things, you will get relief


Newz Fast, Viral Desk: A person has to deal with many problems like sour belching, acidity and throat irritation. There are some home remedies that are helpful in controlling and reducing acid reflux and heartburn.

The problem of acid reflux occurs when the acid present in the stomach moves towards the esophagus or throat. Due to this pain and burning are felt in the chest and throat.

Due to this, the problem of heartburn also starts, due to which there is a feeling of burning in the chest. In such a situation, a person has to deal with many problems like sour belching, acidity and burning sensation in the throat.

To get relief from this, many people spend money like water. But health experts claim that it can be overcome even with easy lifestyle changes and home remedies.

Acid reflux home remedies

Ginger proves to be a very effective recipe in getting rid of acid reflux. Many stomach problems are removed by its consumption. You can eat ginger to relieve acid reflux, acidity, heartburn and irritation in the respiratory tract, or you can make a tea by boiling it in water.

Rich in probiotics and good bacteria, buttermilk is effective in relieving the stomach by removing acid reflux. Digestion is also better by drinking it.

Fennel can be chewed raw in acid reflux. Apart from this, you can drink it by boiling it in water, filtering it and adding a little honey. Fennel water proves to be effective in removing many stomach problems.

Acidic gas formed in the stomach is removed by drinking lemon water by adding black salt. It also gets rid of heartburn.

coconut water
Coconut water rich in carbohydrates and electrolytes can also be drunk during acid reflux. It reduces heartburn and also does not cause dehydration.

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