19-year-old Abdu Rozik fell in love with this actress several years older than him! Said this thing in front of everyone

teena and abdu

Newz Fast, Entertainment Desk: Abdu Rojic is the most popular and cute contestant out of all the contestants in this season of 'Bigg Boss' i.e. 'Bigg Boss 16', who is liked by all the contestants in the Bigg Boss house as well as the country's best. People also like him very much.

Not only this, many celebs are supporting him a lot from outside the show. At the same time, inside the show, Tina Dutta of the house is often seen flirting with Abdu. However, she jokingly teases Abdu.

But these days Abdu is seen flirting with the former captain of Bigg Boss house Nimrit Kaur and this is the reason why Sajid Khan also keeps teasing Abdu by taking the name of Nimrit.

Not only this, in Saturday's war, Sajid also told the host of the show Salman Khan that Abdu wants to marry Nimrit. He likes them.

Meanwhile, a video of Abdu has also surfaced, in which he is seen talking to Shiv Thackeray and MC Stan about Nimrit. In the video, Shiva is seen asking Abdu about Nimrit.

He asks Abdu 'Do you get butterflies in your stomach thinking about Nimrit?', to which Abdu says 'yes'. At the same time, Abdu also says that 'I will shout Nimrit-Nimrit kurta phadke'.

After this, Shik says that 'Launda jawan ho gaya', which Abdu also repeats. This video of him is being liked a lot.

Along with this, his fans are also commenting for him on the video. Let us tell you that many female contestants in the show also shower a lot of love on Abdu.

Abdu spends most of his time with Sajid Khan in the show, as Bigg Boss has made him the translator of Abdu and asked to be with Abdu always.

Also, both of them are given tasks together during the Bigg Boss task. In the recent episode, Sajid and Abdu become vegetable vendors and they have to distribute vegetables to the contestants according to their own preferences. During this, Abdu has a lot of fun together with Sajid. At the same time, this season is being liked a lot.

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