Online attendance: Less than 29 percent children reached school and teachers were 96 percent attendance

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Newz Fast, New Delhi: The school education department is monitoring the attendance of children through 'Hajiri Online Attendance'. Making the monitoring system more effective and accountable, the Education Department has made it mandatory to record the attendance of children through M Shikshamitra App.

This system has been started in Shajapur, Barwani and Chhindwara districts under the pilot project last one month and it is believed that this system has been successful in all the three districts, after which it is now being implemented in the entire state.

Whereas in the district in the month of September, the online attendance of children of classes one to eight has been registered only 29 percent. However, the attendance of teachers has been recorded at 96 percent.

In this regard, the officials of the District Education Center believe that their district has performed better than other districts. Children are coming to school regularly, but their attendance was not being regularized through online medium, although their attendance has become regular since October.

Must be registered within one hour
Through the app, the principal or headmaster of the school will record the attendance of teachers and children attending the school within one hour of the commencement of the school.

The most important thing is that attendance can be recorded even from un-networked area. Later on coming to the mobile network, he will be able to record his attendance along with his time. Attendance will not be allowed after 5 pm.

They say
96 percent attendance of teachers and 29 percent of children has been registered through online system. This was the initial month and the attendance of only children from class 1 to 8 was being recorded, hence less attendance could be registered.

Now the attendance of children from class 1 to 12 is also to be recorded. Therefore, more and more attendance will be registered through the online system.

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