After all, why is the moon called Mama? Why not uncle, tau and uncle, know the very special reason behind this


Newz Fast, New Delhi: Why is the Moon called Mama:You must have seen the moon coming out of the sky many times till now. Whether the moon is of full moon or new moon, you must have seen it in all kinds of shapes. However, today we are going to ask you a very special question related to the moon and that is why the moon is called maternal uncle? What is such a special reason, due to which the moon is called maternal uncle, not uncle, tau and uncle.

From childhood till now, we have been giving the title of beloved maternal uncle to the moon in every book of the story from the verses of Surdas. At the same time, every mother has been reciting Chanda Mama's lullaby to her child for years, but have you ever wondered how Chanda got this title of Mama? If not, then today we tell you the very special reason behind it.

Related to mythology
Actually, according to mythology, at the time when the ocean was churning between the gods and the demons, many elements came out from inside the ocean. Maa Lakshmi, Varuni, Moon and poison were also included in these elements.

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His younger brother is moon
After leaving the churning of the ocean, Lakshmi ji went to Lord Vishnu. Therefore, all the elements that came after him were given the title of his younger brother and sister. In such a situation, the moon came out of the sea after him, so he became the younger brother of Mother Lakshmi. At the same time, according to Hindu beliefs, we consider Lakshmi ji as our mother, so her younger brother became our maternal uncle. For this reason, the moon or Chanda is called maternal uncle and it came out of the churning of the ocean, hence the ocean is called the father of all of them.

That's why Chanda is also called uncle.
The second reason behind calling Chanda uncle is that the moon revolves around the earth and stays with her like a brother day and night. Now since we consider the earth as 'mother', so his brother, the moon, became our maternal uncle. That is why Chanda is also called Mama.

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